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Idiot Forever - Doom Saloon Live Jam LAST COPIES


Idiot Forever - Doom Saloon Live Jam

"What a poor wretch man is. Fortunately he doesn’t know it. If he did what a poor wretch he’d be!” - Max Pallenburg

There are so many components that drive the desire to create. Recognition, validation, catharsis, expression. All of these forces are relatable and positive in their own way. But what about destruction? The impulse to mangle, the drive to obliterate. To deconstruct an idea and force a void, where chaos and randomness serves as the creator, and we participate as an onlooker to our own design restructured by destruction.

The homonyms raised and razed are especially interesting to me. They reflect in no uncertain terms the duality of human society. Are we meant to be building or destroying?

Freedom has consequences. One of those consequences is Idiot Forever. Four absolute musical maniacs recorded live in 2018. Screeching tape mechanisms, churning brutal feedback, and allegedly guitar and drums. Grease up your deep listening skills and dive into Idiot Forever - Doom Saloon Live Jam. A worthy record of the band’s frantic improvised performances which consisted of a rotating line-up performing, on the spot, impromptu, psycho-free-punk.

Proceeds are being donated to Homies Helping Homies