Bungler - Light In The Corner (SM049)


Bungler - Light In The Corner (SM049)
Strange Mono

Strange Mono is proud to announce the newest album from Philadelphia’s Bungler. Light In The Corner Bungler is the brainchild of Paul Hewes (Snoozer, Idiot Forever), a multi-instrumentalist and individual new to the field of historical research. Fueled by anxiety and depression, motivated out of fear and frustration, Bungler pours these emotions into their sonically shaped landscapes in the hope that some level of alleviation can be achieved. Typically found in a graveyard or in someone’s back garden, often traveling alone and never brimming with a sense of self confidence, Bungler is adaptable in any live setting and doesn’t require much preparation. The album features collaborations with drummer Dan Angel (Gunk, Nyxy Nyx, Ugh God) Sam Kassel (Sandcastle) and Kieran Ferris (Joy Again, Snoozer).

“acoustic-ish and delightfully off-kilter music” - WXPN

“the kind of thing a child’s wild imagination comes up with when you ask them what they learned at school earlier that day.’” - Post-Trash

Proceeds from sales of this album are being donated to Savage Sisters Recovery. A harm reduction organization in Philadelphia dedicated to providing thoughtful, trauma-informed resources for those recovering from substance use disorders.