Big Burly - Tumors 7" (SM014)


Philadelphia’s Big Burly is releasing their debut 7” with Strange Mono on July 18. Big Burly, described as “Powerviolence Jesus Lizard”, is the long awaited side project from members of Spesimin, The Company Corvette, and Programmed Hatred. Big Burly’s signature sound puts bassists Jess Kramer and Ross Pritchet front and center. The guitarless band is balanced perfectly by Ian Dykstra’s pounding drum style while Dan T’s deranged vocals serve up relentless energy. Big Burly aims to remove the preconceptions of how Punk is supposed to sound. Wry humor, blisteringly short songs, and non-repetitive structures all combine to make something truly unique and fun to listen to.

“Inspiration for the lyrics largely came from my childhood experiences. Growing up in a rural area and playing with my friends in the trailer park. Observing alcoholism, violence, ‘Christian values’, and generally abysmal states of being that seem totally normal because you're a kid.” - Dan T

Proceeds from sales of this album are being donated to the Philly Bail Fund. “Ending the injustice of money bail requires shifting Philadelphia’s bail system from one that is based on wealth to a fairer and more effective system based on a presumption of release before trial, except in the most exceptional circumstances.”