Sandcastle - Wild Legend 12" LP (SM034)


Sandcastle - Wild Legend
12" LP

Strange Mono is announcing the reissue of Sandcastle’s defining 2012 album Wild Legend available for the first time on Vinyl and streaming platforms. Sandcastle has been a staple in the underground circle for over a decade. Defined by his clever lyricism, distinct vocal style, catchy melodies, and relentlessly addictive songwriting. Sandcastle is the moniker for songwriter Sam Kassel, who records the majority of Sandcastle’s output on his own.

Self produced in south Philadelphia between 2011 and 2012. Wild Legend is Sandcastle’s first attempt at creating something that he viewed as “normal” Pop music. Taking inspiration from Greek tragedies, classic literature, mythology, and his time living alone in a yurt in the mountains of Arizona—Without any pretension. Sam’s lyrics are delivered sincerely and take on a mystical Melville-esque tone hinting at truer meanings lying deep within the sub text. It can take time to delve into the depths of Sam’s lyrics, but the accessibility of the music helps cultivate the listener to make the effort. Standouts include the minimal bass centered “ Vision Of The Future '', the ultra-catchy hooks of '' Skull Valley ”, and the hypnotic “ Soldier Of The Light ”. This reissue LP includes a previously unreleased bonus track “Different Kind Of Paradise” which was recorded shortly after and is finally seeing the light of day. Wild Legend is the kind of album that can be enjoyed over and over by the cultivated listener with increasing pleasure.

Delivered on vinyl for the first time. Proceeds from records sold through Strange Mono are being donated to mutual aid organizations in Philadelphia.